Caledonian Audio produces DIY hifi amplifier kits. Specializing in stereo valve / tube amplifiers in the UK, we produce high quality audio devices at a very competitive costs. We support local British audio and electronic designers and suppliers and try to create a healthy and ethical business relationships with all involved in audio communities. Our preference is to run a small production rather than a mass produce as we think it is really important to have a more personalized product and relationship with all our clients.

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Few NOS Mullards 6BM8/ECL82 Available

We now have a number of new old stock Mullards 6BM8 / ECL82 available in the shop. These Mullards really make huge difference compared to some others (hence higher prices!). Mullard ECL82/6BM8 6BM8 / ECL82 are becoming more popular than ...
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Build YOURSELF a valve amplifier! Grab this opportunity to build a high quality valve amplifier which has been carefully designed and prepared by us at Caledonian Audio! All amplifier kits come with assembly instructions.

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Product Highlights

  • 6BM8 / ECL82 Mullard – NOS (MUL3)

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  • 6BM8 / ECL82 Mullard NOS (MUL2)

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  • 6BM8/ECL82 SE Classique Kit - bottom view showing all parts included in the kit (wiring is not part of the kit).

    Classique – 6BM8/ECL82 SE – Stereo Audio Integrated Amplifier Kit

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