Enclosure Model C – Unassembled and Unfinished



You are looking at another enclosure that is compatible with all our products in the Classique range.

This machine-cut 21mm-thick Medite MDF is a high quality, ready-for-assembly enclosure that has no finish on it.

The idea is to provide builders with a solution where they will be able to finish the product by themselves, without having to worry about wood cutting etc.

No more mess with wood dust and not sure how to mitre-cut precisely.

You will just have to glue them together with some strong wood glue and it will be ready to go.

You can paint, wrap it using your favourite real wood veneer or simply leave it as it is (if you like the MDF look).

Compatible with all mounting plates in the Classique amplifier kits.

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Included In The Product

  1. 4 x side panels (two for the left and right and two for the front and back)
  2. 4 x corner braces
  3. 4 x rubber isolation feet

NOT Included In The Product

  1. Amplifiers
  2. Top plate
  3. Bottom plate

Tools / Materials That You Would Need

  1. Wood / MDF glue
  2. Woodwork clamp (various kinds of clamps for holding the panels together)
  3. 4 x screws (your own choice of screws) for securing your top plate onto the enclosure
  4. 4 x screws (your own choice of screws) for securing your base plate and isolation feet onto the enclosure

Assembly Instructions

There really is not much to this. The idea is that you have to connect the four side panels to form the enclosure, and use the four corner braces to strengthen the corners.

You can use the instructions as a general guide:

Gluing The Enclosure

  1. Apply some MDF/wood glue on all the surfaces that you are joining
  2. By using a clamp, join all the four panels together and wait till they are dry
  3. Once they are dried, glue the four corner braces onto the four corners
  4. The corners should be strong enough with wood/MDF glue. If you are concerned, you can always screw the four panels onto the panels
  5. Wait till the glue is set

Securing the Top Plate

This is only applicable if you have purchased a compatible metal top plate.

  1. Place the top plate onto the enclosure. Take note on this, make sure that the top plate is not populated with heavy items (e.g. transformers). If you have already populated the top plate with some items, make sure that the weight of the enclosure is on the four corner braces (and not the side panels). This can be done by adding some pads underneath the four braces. The idea is that, when you are resting the top plate on the enclosure, the side panels are not touching the surface where the enclosure is resting on. Alternatively, you can secure some rubber feet to the bottom of the four braces.
  2. Once the top plate is resting on the enclosure, take note of the four mounting holes on the corners of the plate. Mark the centre of the holes by using a marker pen. You will be drilling some holes here later
  3. The drill size will depend on the screws that you will be using to secure the plate onto the enclosure. It also depends if you are using threaded inserts or not. Follow drill size recommendations according to your chosen method.
  4. The enclosure can be used without any bottom plate. However, this is not recommended as it is a hazard as it leaves the parts exposed. You can source a bottom plate (MDF or plywood of your own preference – 3mm to 5mm thickness) to cover the bottom.

Now you can place your Classique Amplifier onto the enclosure!

Do It Yourself?

Thinking about sourcing your wood and building it yourself? Check out the technical drawing page for this enclosure.

If you have any question about this, please get in touch.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 340 × 340 × 100 cm

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